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P06001, The Static Electricity Experiment Box
P06002, Metal Cage
P06003, Ball Of Electroscope
P06004, The Demonstrator Of Dust removal By Static Electricity
P06005, Static Electricity Windmill
P06006, Static Electricity Jump Ball
P06007, simulative electronic dipole
P06008, Pointer electroscope
P06009-1, Gold Leaf Electroscope
P06010-1, Aluminium-Leaf Electroscope
P06010-2, Aluminum-Leaf Electroscope (J02304)
P06011, PVC rod With Silk
P06012, Glass Rod With Silk
P06013, Ebonite Rod With Woolen Rubber
P06015, Silk-Braid Electroscope
P06014, Screen Electroscope
P06016, Cone Conductor
P06017, Separable Pillow Shape Conductor
P06018, Parallel Plate Capacitor
P06019, Sphere Conductor