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School Equipment  // 

Glosswaree and Porcelain


GL01001, Beakers
GL01002, volumetric flasks
GL01003, Conical flasks
GL01004, dishes and troughs
GL01005, funnels and burner
GL01006, tubes and pipettes
GL01007, condensers
GL01008, boiling flasks
GL01009, Separatory funnels
GL01010, bottles and jars
GL01011, Measuring cylinders
GL01012, jars and desiccator
GL01013, standard ground mouth glassware
GL01014, Bottles
GL01015, Standard ground mouth glassware
GL02001, Porcelain Basins
GL02002, Conical Tubes, Unglazed
GL02003, Spatulas With Spoon Eng, Glazed
GL02004, Pipe clay Triangle
GL02006, Spotting Plates, Glazed
GL02007, Mortars With Spout, Pestles Glazed
GL02008, Funnels With Perforated Filter Disc,Glazed