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P05001, Electric Bell
P05002, Big Magnetic Needle
P05003, Force between Two parallel currents
P05004, Magnetizer
P05005, Magnetizer
P05006, Electromagnetic Relay
P05007, U-Shape Electromagnet
P05008, Teaching Magnet
P05009, Magnetic Line Of Force demonstration set
P05010, Magnetic Line Of Force Demonstrator
P05011, Magnetic Line Of Force Demonstrator
P05012, Magnetic Field of Current demonstration
P05013, Demonstrator For Magnetic Induction Of Linear Current
P05014-1, Magnetic Induction Lines board
P05014-2, Magnetic induction Needle board
P05014-3, Magnetic induction Needle board
P05015, Horse Foot Type Magnetic
P05016, Strong Magnetics Block
P05017, All Kinds Of Rubber Magnetics
P05018, Demonstrator For Magnetic Induction Line Of Spiral Current
P05019, Floating Magnet
P05020, Color Ring Magnet
P05021, Magnet Molecule Model
P05022, Magnetic Needle
P05023, Alnico Magnet Block
P05024, Powerful Horseshoe Magnet
P05025, Floating Magnet
P05026, Magnetic Numeric Piese
P05027, Magnetic Brick
P05028, Magnetic Broad
P05029, Magnetic Hook
P05030, Experimental Magnet characteristics Box