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Modern Physics Apparatures


P13001, Electronic Metronome
P13002, Sound Wave Demonstrator
P13003, Sound Velocity Measuring Device
P13004, Electromagnetic Vibration Demonstrator
P13005, Geiger counter
P13006, Digital Geiger counter
P13007, Digital Timer
P13009, Digital Timer
P13010, Digital Timer
P13011, Simple Digital Timer (J0202-3c)
P13012, Simple Digital Timer (J0202-1)
P13013, Muit-Function Digital Measure (J0416-D)
P13014, MUJ-5C Digital Timer
P13015, MUJ-6B Digital Timer
P13016, MUJ-6D Digital Timer
P13017, Linear Air Track
P13018, Air Track (J2125-P)
P13019, Air Track (J2125-T)
P13020, Skewed Slot Rail (J2127)
P13021, Air Blower (J2126)
P13022, Complete Lab. Instruments
P13023, Complete Lab. Instruments
P13024, Freely Falling Instrumemt (J2153)
P13025-1, Complete Set Lab. Free Falling Instruments
P13025-2, Free Fall apparatus with digital timer
P13026, Teaching Sweeper
P12027, Student oscilloscope
P13028, Dual trace Oscilloscope
P12029, Teaching oscilloscope
P13030, Model V252 Dual-Trace Oscilloscope
P13031, Analog/Digital Storage Oscilloscope
P13032, Gate Circuit Demonstrator
P13033, Photoelectric Effect Demonstrator
P13034, Gravitational Constant Instrument
P13035, Laser Optical Demonstration Instrument
P13036, GP20Na (Hg)-II Low Voltage Sodium (Mercury) Lamp & Power
P13037, Big screen Oscilloscope
P13038, Microwave Demonstrator
P13039, Gravitational constant instrument
P13040, Young Modulus Measuring Instrument
P13041, Foucault Pendulum
P13042, JCD3 Reading Microscope
P13043, JJY Spectrometer
P13044, He-Ne Laser And Power Model
P13045, Michelson Interferometer
P13046, E/M Ratio Testing Apparatus
P13047, Millikan Oil Drop Apparatus
P13048, Hot Cathode Ray Tube Demonstrator
P13049, Cathode Ray Tube
P13050, Cathode Ray Tube
P13051, Cathode Ray Tube
P13052, Cathode Ray Tube
P13053, Cathode Ray Tube
P13054, Low Pressure Gas Discharge Tube Set
P13055, Spectrum Tube Set
P13056, Franck-Hertz Experiment Instrument
P13057, Planck's constant Measuring Instrument
P13058A,Lorentz Force Demonstrator
P13065, Petrol Engine Model
P13066, Diesel Engine Model
P13067, Projection Air Table
P13068, Vacuum Plate
P13069, Diesel Engine Model
P13070, Petrol Engine Model
P13071, Vacuum Plate
P13072, Boyle’s Low Apparatus
P13073, Fortin Barometer