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School Equipment  // 

Sound and Wave


P10001, slinky
P10002, Sympathetic Chord
P10003, Wave Move Demonstrator
P10004, Projective Ripple Tank
P10005A, Ripple Tank
P10005C, Ripple Tank
P10005D, Ripple Tank Kit (European Type)
P10006-1, Polarization Tuning Fork
P10006-2, Polarization Tuning Fork
P10007, Tuning Forks
P10007-D, Resonance Tuning Fork
P10008A, Tuning Fork Set
P10008B, Mini Tuning Fork Set
P10009, Tuning Gear
P10010, Sonometer
P10011, Sound Propagating Demonstrator
P10012, Sound Frequency tester
P10013, long spring