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We will help you to find the best English language courses, Colleges and Universities in USA, Canada & Great Britain. We will get for you discounts for your education and find your new home away from home

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Not only we find educational options according to your budget, but we as well protect you from the fraud agencies promising your visa issuance. Important message: If you have been promised any type of visa to the USA, Canada, and England, report the activity to the embassies located in your country. Nobody can issue for you any type of a visa but consulate. REMEMBER: Consulate and visa Officers are the representatives of the USA or Canada or Great Britain and they have worked hard to prove their honesty and dedication to their country and nobody is powerful enough to take the true patriotism from it is country's respected Consuls and visa Officers

Design your future destiny

We will help you to take your first step towards your dream education. Together, we will choose a College, University or Intensive English Language courses in the USA, Canada, and England. Then, we will get you a discount on your education and proceed with application, registration and choosing the right educational path towards your career. Afterward, you will receive your I-20 invitation letter from your chosen school

The land is one, and it will never grow any more

Our licensed Real Estate Agents will find your new rental home before you arrive in the USA, Canada or England to pursue your education. But if you are not a student yet you still want to invest in a Real Estate, our luxury Real Estate Agents will analyze your order and help you. Upon every investment, investors need Attorneys. We will connect you with well-known Attorneys who will make sure that every step is accurate and legal


Our Process

Take a look at the steps we take right at the moment you become our client



Right at the moment, you become our client, we test your English level. Then, we choose a college according to your preference and scores. We contact our partner Colleges to obtain discounts that are given only to the students of America IDream. Afterward, we send your needed documents to process the discount and your I-20 invitation letter from the school. No worries, we know that many students get denied on their visas simply because their invitation letter was executed with vivid mistakes. Our legal consultants, make sure that your school processes the correct invitation and executes it's shipment to your hometown within 72 hours. Yes, we promise you will have your tracking code to follow the delivery of your letter



It's been two weeks since we have met each other and by now you have your I-20 and is about to meet consulate. But one invitation letter is not enough to prove to consulate that you have a tight attachment to your home country. One of the many reasons students get rejected on their visa interview is because they fail to provide the evidence of proving the applicant is not a potential immigrant Many times, applicants do blame consulates unfairly, yet applicants themselves fail to provide their evidence that consulate would take to the consideration. And that's exactly that moment when we will connect you with the Attorney to see if you are missing the document that you have and that can be useful on your interview



It's been almost four weeks since we met and by now you have received your discount from the college, invitation letter, had a consultation with paralegal and Attorney, prepared your needed documents and ready to meet the consul. Before you meet with the consulate, you have to obtain an interview date and time by filling up DS-160 form We understand, many students are yet to learn English so we are here. Our English speaker consultants will translate it for you. Our translation services are not only for the students but for any applicant that needs translators between them and their attorneys. IMPORTANT MESSAGE: Nobody can promise you a visa, please beware that the consul is the only person who can approve or deny your visa and nobody can know it prior to your interview



Our residential Real Estate Agents will find for you apartments to rent before you arrive in the USA, Canada or England. Finding a home is challenging, especially if you are abroad. Let us know if consulate granted you a visa, if yes then congratulations. We are ready to meet you at the airport and take you to your hotel you have chosen or we can simply find for you your new home. On this journey, our advice for you is to study, learn and return to your country where you can implement your education in your future career goals. Let us know your arrival details and meet America IDream headquarters team in New York, or our partners in Canada, or as well our representatives in Great Britain


We are a passionate to work 24 hours, not charge you any consultation fee, help you with your choice and steps, just so one day when you will remember us, you will say "they are from DREAM TEAM".

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We travel all over the world and known for our honesty We want every country's individual to protect themselves from fraudulent company's. And we want every fraudulent company and individual to stop using consuls names to make a profit. We will make sure to make every fraud company stop its function and respect the USA's, Canada's and Great Britain's consul and visa officers.



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